Clean Energy Renewable Energy Waste to Energy Pyrolysis Gasification Green Power

Pyrolyzer Renewable Energy Advantage

Not Incineration

Our oxygen free environment prevents the emission of harmful chemicals and off gassing into the atmosphere. Therefore, we do not contribute to acid rain.

No Tar Buildup

Our patented multi-step gasification process prevents tar buildup that can plague other systems. Essentially, the tar is recycled back into our system. Disposal costs of this hazardous material as well as frequent tar buildup maintenance costs are eliminated altogether.


The expandable building block nature of our system allows plant growth to parallel corporate growth and industrial needs. Standard reactor sizes are 37.5, 75 and 150 metric tons per day. Upgrading from one model to another or adding gasification lines are possible with minimal down time and systemic modifications.


The advantage of our plant is the versatility of our PyroGasTM, uses include but are not limited to the following:

  • PyroGasTM production for industrial and chemical applications
  • Hydrogen and liquid natural gas production from PyroGasTM
  • Base load combined cycle power generation
  • Peak load power generation
  • Liquid fuel production (Ethanol, Methanol, Gasoline)


Our PyroGasTM BTU value is equivalent to natural gas. Recycling the tar creates a higher energy content and a different chemical composition than our competitors synthetic gas. Fuel quality depends on feedstock, but we can produce 1000 BTU/ft3. With minimal adaptation, PyroGasTM can be used in most natural gas applications.